• ASID Alice Springs Inland Dragway
  • BP Blatherskite Park
  • LC Lasseters Centre of Entertainment
  • ASB Alice Springs Brewery
  • CITY Town Centre
Activity Venue Day Start Finish Duration
ENTRANT SCRUTINEERING   * Pre entered Entrants and timeslots onlyLCWednesday01/09/2021 04:00pm01/09/2021 08:30pm4hrs 30mins
FAMILY NIGHT - Lasseter’s Lawns LCWednesday01/09/2021 05:30pm01/09/2021 09:00pm3hrs 30mins
ENTRANT SCRUTINEERING  * Pre entered Entrants and timeslots onlyLCThursday02/09/2021 09:00am02/09/2021 06:00pm9hrs
ENTRANT VEHICLE PRE- JUDGINGLCThursday02/09/2021 09:00am02/09/2021 06:00pm9hrs
ACES AND EIGHTS CRUISE NIGHTASBThursday02/09/2021 06:00pm02/09/2021 09:00pm3hrs
ENTRANT VEHICLE PRE- JUDGINGLCFriday03/09/2021 09:00am03/09/2021 03:00pm6hrs
ENTRANT SCRUTINEERINGLCFriday03/09/2021 09:00am03/09/2021 04:00pm7hrs
SHOW CAR FINALISTS SETUP *NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC*BPFriday03/09/2021 03:00pm03/09/2021 08:00pm5hrs
ASID PIT GATES OPEN - Burnout CompetitorsASIDFriday03/09/2021 04:30pm03/09/2021 11:30pm7hrs
ASID PUBLIC GATES OPEN ASIDFriday03/09/2021 05:00pm03/09/2021 11:30pm6hrs 30mins
BURNOUT COMPETITION QUALIFYINGASIDFriday03/09/2021 05:30pm03/09/2021 08:30pm3hrs
BURNOUT MASTERS QUALIFYINGASIDFriday03/09/2021 09:00pm03/09/2021 11:00pm2hrs
ASID PUBLIC GATES CLOSEASIDFriday03/09/2021 11:30pm03/09/2021 11:30pm
ASID PIT GATES OPEN - Drag Racing CompetitorsASIDSaturday04/09/2021 08:00am04/09/2021 08:00am
BP Gates Open to Entrant VehiclesBPSaturday04/09/2021 08:00am04/09/2021 08:00am
ASID PUBLIC GATES OPENASIDSaturday04/09/2021 08:30am04/09/2021 03:00pm6hrs 30mins
SHOW CAR DISPLAYBPSaturday04/09/2021 09:00am04/09/2021 03:00pm6hrs
BP Public Gates Open BPSaturday04/09/2021 09:00am04/09/2021 07:00pm10hrs
GRUDGE RACING FUN RUNS - Session 1/2 (ASID)ASIDSaturday04/09/2021 09:00am04/09/2021 12:30pm3hrs 30mins
SHANNONS SHOW N SHINEBPSaturday04/09/2021 09:00am04/09/2021 01:00pm4hrs
GRASS DRIVING EVENTS (session 1) BPSaturday04/09/2021 09:00am04/09/2021 12:30pm3hrs 30mins
RADIO CONTROL CAR COMPETITIONBPSaturday04/09/2021 09:00am04/09/2021 03:00pm6hrs
JETPACK ENTERTAINMENTBPSaturday04/09/2021 10:00am04/09/2021 10:30am 30mins
GREAT NORTHERN 4WD COURSE OPERATIONALBPSaturday04/09/2021 11:00am04/09/2021 02:00pm3hrs
JETPACK ENTERTAINMENTBPSaturday04/09/2021 12:00pm04/09/2021 12:30pm 30mins
GRASS DRIVING EVENTS (session 2) BPSaturday04/09/2021 01:00pm04/09/2021 03:00pm2hrs
GRUDGE RACING FUN RUNS - Session 2/2 (ASID)ASIDSaturday04/09/2021 01:00pm04/09/2021 03:00pm2hrs
JETPACK ENTERTAINMENTBPSaturday04/09/2021 02:00pm04/09/2021 02:30pm 30mins
ASID PUBLIC GATES CLOSEASIDSaturday04/09/2021 03:00pm04/09/2021 03:00pm
YEPERENYE SHOPPING CENTRE STREET PARADE FORM UP BPSaturday04/09/2021 03:00pm04/09/2021 04:00pm1hr
ASID PIT GATES OPEN - Drag Racing CompetitorsASIDSaturday04/09/2021 04:00pm04/09/2021 04:00pm
YEPERENYE SHOPPING CENTRE STREET PARADECITYSaturday04/09/2021 05:00pm04/09/2021 06:15pm1hr 15mins
ASID PUBLIC GATES OPENASIDSaturday04/09/2021 06:00pm04/09/2021 10:30pm4hrs 30mins
GARRETT ADVANCING MOTION HEAVY HITTER DRAG RACING (ASID)ASIDSaturday04/09/2021 06:30pm04/09/2021 10:00pm3hrs 30mins
BP PUBLIC GATES CLOSEBPSaturday04/09/2021 07:00pm04/09/2021 07:00pm
ASID PUBLIC GATES CLOSEASIDSaturday04/09/2021 10:30pm04/09/2021 10:30pm
ASID PIT GATES OPEN - Drag Racing Finalists and Burnout CompetitorsASIDSunday05/09/2021 07:30am05/09/2021 07:30am
DRAG RACING COMPETITION- STREET & PROASIDSunday05/09/2021 08:30am05/09/2021 11:00am2hrs 30mins
ASID PUBLIC GATES OPENASIDSunday05/09/2021 08:30am05/09/2021 03:00pm6hrs 30mins
Gates Open for bikes - Thunder Run Form UpBPSunday05/09/2021 09:00am05/09/2021 09:00am
Thunder Run Start / Lead Bike exits BPBPSunday05/09/2021 09:30am05/09/2021 10:30am1hr
LASSETERS MOTORKHANALCSunday05/09/2021 10:00am05/09/2021 12:00pm2hrs
Thunder Run Bikes return to BPBPSunday05/09/2021 10:30am05/09/2021 10:30am
ROAD TO GRAND CHAMPION DRAG RACINGASIDSunday05/09/2021 11:00am05/09/2021 11:30am 30mins
BP Gates Open to Entrant VehiclesBPSunday05/09/2021 11:00am05/09/2021 11:00am
ROAD TO GRAND CHAMPION- MOTORKHANALCSunday05/09/2021 12:00pm05/09/2021 12:30pm 30mins
BP PUBLIC GATES OPENBPSunday05/09/2021 12:00pm05/09/2021 09:00pm9hrs
SHANNONS SHOW N SHINEBPSunday05/09/2021 12:00pm05/09/2021 04:00pm4hrs
BURNOUT COMPETITION FINALSASIDSunday05/09/2021 12:00pm05/09/2021 02:00pm2hrs
GRASS DRIVING EVENTS (session 1)BPSunday05/09/2021 12:30pm05/09/2021 01:30pm1hr
GREAT NORTHERN 4WD COURSE OPERATIONALBPSunday05/09/2021 12:30pm05/09/2021 04:00pm3hrs 30mins
RADIO CONTROL CAR COMPETITIONBPSunday05/09/2021 12:30pm05/09/2021 04:00pm3hrs 30mins
JETPACK ENTERTAINMENTBPSunday05/09/2021 12:30pm05/09/2021 01:00pm 30mins
ROAD TO GRAND CHAMPION- GRASS DRIVINGBPSunday05/09/2021 01:30pm05/09/2021 02:00pm 30mins
BURNOUT MASTERS FINALSASIDSunday05/09/2021 02:00pm05/09/2021 03:00pm1hr
GRASS DRIVING EVENTS (session 2)BPSunday05/09/2021 02:00pm05/09/2021 04:00pm2hrs
JETPACK ENTERTAINMENTBPSunday05/09/2021 02:30pm05/09/2021 03:00pm 30mins
ASID PUBLIC GATES CLOSEASIDSunday05/09/2021 03:00pm05/09/2021 03:00pm
JETPACK ENTERTAINMENTBPSunday05/09/2021 05:30pm05/09/2021 06:00pm 30mins
PODIUM PARTY / ROCK N RUMBLE CONCERTBPSunday05/09/2021 06:00pm05/09/2021 09:00pm3hrs
BP PUBLIC GATES CLOSEBPSunday05/09/2021 09:00pm05/09/2021 09:00pm