Merchandisers and exhibitors

Promote your brand to a captive audience!

Red CentreNATS offers Merchandisers and Exhibitors the opportunity to directly engage with existing customers, enhance brand awareness and showcase your latest products and services.

Site Inclusions

All site fees include:

  • Powered site for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 2 Staff Passes for access to Blatherskite Park
  • 1 Car Pass for access to Blatherskite Park

Additional Passes

Additional Staff Passes may be purchased for $50 (GST inclusive). Please indicate the number of additional passes required when completing the application form.

Site Fees

  • Up to 3m x 3m – $200 + GST
  • Up to 6m x 3m – $400 + GST
  • Up to 9m x 3m – $600 + GST
  • Up to 12m x 3m – $800 + GST
  • Indoor 3m x 3m – $600 + GST
  • Indoor 6m x 3m – $900 + GST

If you have any queries, contact Nicole Amelsvoort on